WEATHER: I hope you have survived recent snowstorms in your area. I am in the Southeast, so 1 inch of snow and a bit of ice have screeched all life, schools and businesses to a halt. Crazy, I know.

FASHION NEWS:  Dior has been touted for bringing back the long necklace trend and I love them!

CROSSFIT UPDATE:  I’m still alive and looking forward to getting back in the gym after 4 days off due to inclement weather. My migraines are better, lower back pain is going away, I feel stronger, look better, feel happier in general and it was a great decision. One of the workouts in crossfit is simply jump rope, which if you’re out of shape (or in Shape, see Rocky or Creed) can really wind you.

You don’t need much stuff to do crossfit because your gym will have the weights and equipment you need. One thing I am going to invest in is gripper gloves so I don’t get more callouses. I really don’t want those on my hands.

This weekend, my daughter Sara and her husband Chris are competing in their first Crossfit event at our gym, Sua Sponte (Durham location). It’s going to be really fun!

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