Recycling Fashion

Did you know millions of tons of unused fabric is wasted each year by the fashion industry? In China, 200 tons of water is used to dye each ton of fabric and if the color isn’t perfect, it is discarded.

Many companies are working to reuse and reduce textile waste. As a fashion lover, the number one thing I can do is to buy second hand items. This is why ThredUp is one of my favorite sites to buy new or gently used fashion pieces from.

Use code DEC40 for 40% off for new customers through December 31,2016.

Textile Recycling Jinja 1

The average American trashes an astonishing sixty-five pounds of textiles every year, adding up to 13.1 million tons overall – yet all those ripped and worn-out clothes, linens and other used fabrics could be transformed into beautiful new products. Textile recovery reduces the need for landfill space, preserves precious resources, and results in less pollution from manufacturing. A number of companies are producing gorgeous goods from reclaimed textiles, including Jinja, Patagonia, and Brentano Fabrics.

Many other recycled fabric items are for sale, like the jute rice bag backpack pictured above. Just $18.98 and no two are alike. So next time you feel prompted to add to your wardrobe, think consignment first and recyclable too. Save money, save the Earth. I’m recovering from a cold but will back with more cool ideas soon!

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