Haynie shines in Grease

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the production of Grease by the North Carolina Theatre and it was a really enjoyable show. Having grown up a theatre student at the Ft. Lauderdale Children’s Theatre, I look at all the details of a theatrical production and there were a few problems on opening night. Although, I’m sure the kinks will work themselves out, there was a wary spotlight swirling around during a solo, a few off pitch notes and bit of choregraphical mistakes.

Overall, the company’s singing and dancing is definitely top notch. But one actor stole the show and it wasn’t either lead, Danny or Kenickie. Roger (renamed Putzie for the movie), played by F. Michael Haynie sings the song “Mooning” with Jan, played by Amy Toporek, and his voice could rival Frankie Valley’s. After the song was over, my husband Dan and I simultaneously looked at each other and said at the same time, “Wow, that guys voice is beautiful”. Check him out on YouTube.


But the production was cute and not raunchy like the “real” New York Broadway production. It is rated PG-13. One thing I didn’t expect is a lot of the audience dressed up in poodle skirts, biker jackets and all that jazz. I hope you all get a chance to see it!

I was given free tickets to see the North Carolina Theatre’s production of GREASE (link: http://nctheatre.com/shows/grease) in exchange for sharing my experience. This is a sponsored post in partnership with the the NC Blogger Network (http://www.ncbloggernetwork.com/) and the North Carolina Theatre. (http://nctheatre.com/)

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