Freedom is the American Dream

My earliest childhood memories are filled with standing up in the classroom every morning to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, painstakingly learning the correct words to the National Anthem and learning, by being taught at home and in school, that soldiers are to be respected and thanked, forever, amen. I still value the rituals and lessons that keep me centered on what is important as a U.S. citizen.

As an avid historian, it isn’t hard to believe religious and cultural intolerances still exist because these are areas in which we are very passionate as human beings. But we as Americans must remember freedom is about the rights we should all hold dear. Americans can express and write whatever we want. If we don’t agree with what another person thinks or states, we still respect the person’s right to express their respective views.

Although the American Dream is widely thought of as “making it”. It is true Americans are generally able to pick themselves up by their bootstraps (regardless of race, religion, sex, and financial status) to become and educated and successful citizens. This still holds true today, but sometimes we forget the main reason opportunities are available more widely for Americans than in any other country is because of the freedom our forefather’s fought for.

The American Dream is and always will be:  Freedom for all!

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