Memorial Day Weekend!

Memorial Day Thrift Shop Treasures!

This weekend is a time to remember our fallen heroes and the men and women who currently serve in our military to keep our country free, to protect our borders, and to protect so many innocent, tormented victims of violence, atrocities, slavery, rape, and lack of freedoms in other countries too. Often, the duties these military personnel perform go unnoticed and are taken for granted. THANK YOU! This includes my daughter’s fiance’ Chris who sets off for another, and hopefully last, deployment as a U.S. Marine in a few months, to return for their wedding next spring. THANK YOU CHRIS! Our family loves you and we are so proud of you! Let us not forget the endless worry these military wives, husbands and children go through as their loved ones are gone serving our country and the lonesome days and nights that occur. I have seen my daughter suffer this for several years now and it is agonizing. It is physically, emotionally, and psychologically wearing on a human being to worry to all the time. And the soldier must strive to resist worrying about his or her loved one(s) to remain focused at all times. It is all very trying and difficult. In all great things, there is great sacrifice. THANK YOU! YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN. YOUR SERVICE IS INVALUABLE TO OUR COUNTRY!


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