Wedding Recommendations-Raleigh, NC

Even though we tried to do a lot for ourselves with the decorating, a wedding will need some vendor assistance. I am going to rate our vendors on a 5 star scale for my local readers’ benefit.


Lundie’s Photography*****

I can’t even describe how great this photography studio is and photographers are. They are friendly and talented. The day of Sara’s bridal portraits, it rained and it hailed. Our photographer was calm, positive and we got every shred of daylight out of the shoot in two locations. They captured so many happy moments during the wedding and reception. And their price is very fair, especially compared to other Raleigh, NC photographers.


Cinda’s Creative Cakes*****

It is not hard to give Cinda five stars. At the cake tasting, she actually gives the couples several cake toppers to take home after they’ve tasted many flavors. So they come back with treats to share. Love that! She really gets into the couple’s vision and draws out the ideas while you are talking. Sara and Chris had a Gatsby theme with emerald and gold colors.


North Raleigh Florist*****

This NR florist is so easy to work with and the cost was very fair. We went in and discussed Sara’s vision for her bouquet and the other flowers. The cascading bouquet Sara chose is more reminiscent of the 1920s and is very different than the large round bouquet more commonly chosen by brides now.


Empire Eats*

Unfortunately Empire Eats gets the lowest score as our caterer. They have the linens, flatware and dishes on their contract but don’t disclaim that they don’t actually order those items for you. I know, weird…I thought I was going to have to buy paper plates the week before the wedding when we’d placed our order over a year before the event. Crazy. Things got worse from there and they finally got most of it right, but not without hassle and driving the bride nuts.  They told me I’d receive a discount, but I never did. The food was good but they don’t box up any of the leftovers for you and I thought that was weird too. The manager position turned over several times and that made things a lot harder too.



All Saints Chapel****

It is very expensive to find a good price on a venue in Raleigh, NC. One place I talked to wanted a $25,000 “minimum” food order to rent the ballroom for the event. I said, “Oh, I’m not planning on feeding a third world country”. Next! All Saints is a beautiful, historic church anyone, any denomination can rent for wedding ceremonies. The beauty of this venue is you can have the reception there too. So one price for both at one venue. That saves thousands, trust me. Most of the staff is very helpful but there was some turnover in the positions there which made it harder to communicate.


CE Rental*****

CE Rental saved the day when Empire Eats dropped the ball on ordering reception supplies. I also ordered the dance floor from them, which you have to purchase extra from CE Rentals or from All Saints as their building is historic and dancing wears down the original wood floors too much.


NC State Wolfpack Mascots*****

I hired the NC State University Mascots, Mr. and Ms. Wuf, to come to the reception because Sara cheered there and it was a big surprise. They brought the house down and the energy up. It was very affordable and I highly recommend them for any event. I was worried kids might be scared but none were and it was a blast. Mr. Wuf can seriously get down!


Hope your Monday was wonderful. Only 4 more days until the weekend. Love you all!

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