south daytona beach, fl or bust

I’m off to South Daytona Beach, Florida on a 7 a.m. flight tomorrow (yuck, so early) but it’s for my parents 50th wedding anniversary. Isn’t that amazing? I’m so proud of them and they are super cuties.

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I’m the oldest and my sister and brother are coming too. We are having a party and I know it will be fun. We grew up in Florida and love getting to visit. It is an Epic year for our family, as it’s their 50th, our 30th and our daughter Sara is getting married all in the same year. So much love!

It’s Valentine’s Day Saturday, can you believe it is already here? It seems like the ball just dropped to welcome in 2015. Do you have special plans?

We went to visit our old friends, the Risks. They have two sons who wrestled with ours at Cary High School (the only high school in the country with the mascot “Imps”) and they are like 25+ state champions. Our boys were (are) the bomb diggity in wrestling and we are crazy fans of the sport.

Cary High Imps

It was so much fun to see them. They renovated a cabin and it is beautiful. Malina has beaten cancer and I was devastated when she was diagnosed. I cherish every moment I have with her. Things like this really knock us out of our day to day fog in life. This is Malina, my daughter Sara and I are pictured below at Color Me Rad.

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So Courtney, her husband, raises Coon Dogs and they are truly gorgeous, sweet, loving dogs. One of his just had eight pups and the runt has a heart on her head. Couldn’t you just eat her up!


I adored loving on them, but loved seeing our good friends even more. It was so wonderful. Have a great week. Love, Kathryn (aka the “HauteAngel”)

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