Support Local Farmers w/ Papa Spud’s

Papa Spud’s is a food co-op service that delivers fresh produce, meats, eggs, cheese and baked goods to your house weekly (or bi-weekly) and we have used it for over a year now. It’s awesome, reliable, affordable, helps local farmers and you can easily skip a week if you’re going to be on vacation. Unlike other co-ops, Papa Spud’s lets you choose what you want every week. If you don’t choose, you get what they are featuring that week. It is always good. Always!

Next week, I’m getting:

July 14th / 15th Delivery:
1. Tomatoes, Slicing, conv. (~1.33 lbs.)
2. Recipe Kit: Parmesan Herbed Zucchini (4 servings as side)
3. Avocados, hass, conv. (2 ct.)
4. Limes, conv. (1 ct.)
5. Mushrooms, White (8 oz.)
6. Grapefruit, Pink, conv. (1 ct.)
7. Lemons, conv. (1 ct.)

How it works:

1) Sign up for service

Sign up for service through our easy to use, mobile friendly website.
Sign up here!

2) Farmers list products

Local farmers communicate weekly harvests to us and we list them on our website.
View products here

3) Custom Order or Auto Order

Login to your online user page and pick out your local selections for the week
Do nothing and we will automatically send you a box of seasonal products based on your account preferences.

4) They deliver to you!

We receive products in from our farm partners, pack them up, and deliver them to your front door for you and your family to enjoy! Eat the freshest food available while doing something positive for the local community.

So easy, healthy and fun for your family! Eat in good health. Love, Kathryn (aka the “Haute Angel”)

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