Tuesday’s News Day

In Fashion: After a brief three and a half year stint, Raf Simons announced October 22nd he would step down from the house of Dior. Embracing the old but pulling in the new, Simons made history by hiring Rhianna as the first African American spokesperson for Dior.


He paid attention to the details, shoes, accessories and unique jewelry, which translated to a 34% increase in sales at the house and garnering him the CFDA 2014 International Award.



An exciting opportunity has opened up for the next Dior leader, however with mighty big shoes to fill.


Health and Wellness: I am still suffering from chronic migraines and will soon endure my third Botox treatments. Yes, it hurts but my forehead looks great. It has given me a little bit of relief but not enough. My neurologist said it can take four or more treatments to get the effect stronger, so I am “im”patiently waiting.


I follow Abel James’ diet plan (http://fatburningman.com/) as much as possible and was lucky enough to win a phone session with his mom, a Registered Nurse. She listened to what I’m going through and mentioned an idea no one else had said in over a year. Maybe I need to do a food elimination diet? She told me to Google it and I will. But if you readers have done a good one that you could recommend, please let me know.

Spirit: Whenever you are down, do for others. Literally, get out of your own mind and actively think about helping others. It’s a sure cure for the wintertime blues and the chilly weather is on its way. I am going to train soon to work at Second Chance Pet Adoption as a volunteer. I’m really excited about it.


There are tiny things you can do to pay it forward. In line at Starbucks? Pay for the car behind you. I’ve done it and it made me happy all day. Volunteer at a food bank, a homeless shelter, give a new blanket or anything you can afford.


Did you know people stop at churches and parishes for help with simple things like diapers for their baby, gas to get to a job interview, or just to talk to someone kind. What is your favorite way to give back and nourish your spirit? Love, Kathryn (the “Haute Angel”)


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