Island of Misfit Mascaras –Mercilessly Blown up by Younique!

I love makeup and like most women who do, you have a drawer full of barely used mascaras. They just don’t hit the mark, lengthen, last, smear and end up in that Island of Misfit, malfunctioned mascara purchases. It’s a waste of money and time. But how do you know you like a product without buying it? Ask for a sample from now on and make sure you really love it. Or listen to word of mouth, because your friends and fellow makeup-nistas know of what they speak!


I was walking through Sephora in my quest for better lashes, with my better half. No, not my husband. . . my best friend Melinda Crews. She is an owner of The Hair Affair in Raleigh, NC and the best hair stylist and colorist around, hands down. She has styled many Miss North Carolina winners and does a slew of our local newscasters and celebrities. And me, of course.

Melinda putting on her daughter Brittany’s veil, pictured below.

So Melinda asks, “Have you heard of the new mascara all the girls are getting, especially pageant girls? It has fibers and lengthens without false eyelashes having to be used.” I replied with a  cosmetic fever setting in, “What? Show me!” Melinda laughed and told me, “ It’s not in here (Sephora), you buy it online.” So instead of following her advice, always a bad idea, I purchased Too Faced’s Better Than False Eyelashes that night.

In a nutshell, it’s bad or maybe I got a bad set? The mascara was completely dried up and the fibers are white. Little white dust balls of “fibers” that get everywhere, especially in your eye. It bothered me all day and my eyes were red from it. A definite NO GO.

Off to the Island of Misfit Mascaras you go you Too Faced biddy.


Luckily I was approached by the gracious Lyndsey Lines and asked to review Younique’s 3D Fiber Lashes. Now I was very reticent after the bad experience I had just had with “fiber” lashes, but she assured me this was a superior product and she was right. She provided the product to me free of charge and I am very grateful she did, because I probably would have gone back to mundane mascara.

Lyndsey Lines pictured below. So adorable!

I should have watched the video she recommended first and did not, so fumbled my way to figuring it out for myself. Yes, I’m rebellious and need to be a better listener.

Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes application video link:  YOUTUBE

So the quest for better, longer, prettier lashes began once my two-step kit arrived.

I spy Kathryn’s eye with normal mascara in the morning. I used Bare Minerals’ mascara.


Younique is a two step process like Too Faced’s Better Than False Eyelashes. But Too Faced’s fiber product is a creamy, white color. Younique’s is black. That alone is a reason to purchase it over the Too Faced product, in my opinion (aka “the one that counts”).

Buy Younique Products

Using light strokes, first apply the mascara (in the longer tube pictured above). Then apply the fibers from the smaller tube (also, pictured above). Results for one coat of each pictured below:


Following the same steps again, coat with the mascara, then the fibers. Use as many coats of each to achieve the length and volume you desire. I’m going to work so didn’t want to get too crazy with it this morning.

Two coats of each pictured below:


I am very messy with mascara generally and recommend if you are, take a tiny dab of a gentle balm, eye cream or mascara remover with a q-tip or tissue and clean up any “blips” on your eyelid and under. But that’s just me. In the video, the younger lady with a steadier hand has no trouble applying it without any mess. I am so impressed with the product, I have decided to become a distributor. Check out my website:

Become a Younique Presenter

I highly recommend this product and I only advise my readers to purchase things I truly use and believe in. Thanks Lyndsey for giving me the opportunity to try Younique. I can’t wait to try all the company’s products and to work with you on your team. Love, Kathryn aka the “Haute Angel”.

Kathryn Younique


  1. Great tip to ask a friend and to try a sample first to be sure what you are getting. I’ve heard of Younique mascara from another friend, but, I confess, I don’t wear any mascara and barely any makeup at all so I haven’t tried it. Looks great on you though! I can definitely see the difference.

  2. I tried some of this when an acquaintance who is also a distributor sent me some. The main thing I learned is that a complete “one coat” application is mascara-fibers-mascara since the mascara acts as a sealer to keep the fibers from flaking off. It’s good stuff indeed. I rarely wear makeup, and mascara is hard for me. I have very long but pale lashes and I wear glasses. That means my lashes often “bump into” my lenses. No fun. Good luck with your distributorship!

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