Grammy fashion and beauty recap

Stars and musicians aligned last night for The Grammy’s and there were many winners, plus a few misguided losers, walking the red carpet, to their own beat.

Best Beauty Looks of the Night: Tie between Jennifer Hudson and Anna Kendricks

KISS: Keep it simple stupid is key in these winning outfits, makeup and hair. Clean, coiffed, pretty.

Jennifer Hudson  Anna Kendrick

Gorgeous Hair, Makeup and gown vs. Weird hair, boring makeup and seriously tacky gown.

Jessie Jkelly-osbourne-2015-grammy-arrivals

Jane Fonda killed it and Madonna last night in the Battle of the Broads

Jane Fonda madonna-2015-grammy-arrivals-01

Glistening Ladies shone at the event, especially Katie Perry in Zuhair Murad. Unlike Kelly Osbourne, Ms. Perry has the right coloring for this purple-hued hair and a classy style that shows off her face.

Rita Ora katy-perry-2015-grammy-arrivals-05

Classy suit vs. Tacky, ill fitting suit (Kendrick takes this battle!)

Anna Kendrick charli-xcx-2015-grammy-arrivals-03

                                                    Ms. Rancic is hot, hot, HAWT!


I disagreed with critics of Swift’s dress as compared to the praise this pink, maternity-looking monstrosity received. Swift’s fits beautifully, her shoes are super cute and the color is great on her. It’s age appropriate and fun.

Taylor Swift rihanna-2015-grammy-arrivals-04


Best: Rihanna in Giambattista Valli Couture

TOO MUCH and cases of the dresses wearing the women:

Keltie Knight Ciara

I actually think the ensemble below is a pretty classy rocker chic look:

Bonnie McKee

More Great Beauty Looks:

                                              Ariana Grande and Gwen Stefani

Ariana Grande Gwen Stefani

Jessie J

Katie Perry

Katy Perry

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Love, HauteAngel


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