Get prepped for the holidays

HOLIDAY SEASON DRESSING (not the cornbread kind):  Rent the Runway!

Cynthia Rowley Plum Midnight Lace Romper / Hunter Bell Bronze Chevron Skirt /

C/MEO COLLECTIVE Shake It Off Sweater

Thanksgiving can make for a big day and a busy weekend! Whatever fun-filled plans you have in store this Thanksgiving, why not show up in style? I recently told a friend to go to the Rent the Runway site for a wedding she is going to attend and she rented a $2,000 gown for $50, plus they send you two sizes. It’s the best deal ever!

To help you continue looking fabulous, Rent the Runway is giving Haute Angel’s readers the ability to rent three items for the price of one! Just use the code 3FOR12015 at checkout for November 18 – 25 delivery dates and you’ll be able to rent three dresses, handbags, coats, tops and more — for the price of one! Offer: Get 3 Rent the Runway outfits for the price of one for your Thanksgiving festivities. Valid: Now through 11/25, Code: 3FOR12015. Promo details: Price will be for the item of highest value; rentals must be for delivery dates between 11/18-11/25; Promo expires 11/25; Rentals cannot be combined or placed with existing orders; back-up size is included in the total.


Health and Wellness:  I look at a computer all day, either working or blogging. A fun thing I like to do is take 3 or 4 minutes a few times a day and pin items I like on Pinterest; fashion, recipes, blog ideas, etc. It helps my mind reboot and my greatest following on all my social media is via Pinterest (follow me if you have a chance) now.

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CROSSFIT:  My daughter Sara and her husband are Cross Fit fanatics and I’ve decided to do an introductory class tonight. What can it hurt? Because of my migraine situation, I’ve gained weight back and really want to get control of it (that’s not me pictured above but a girl can dream). I can’t remember the last time I felt good so am willing to go all Mama Hulk if need be.

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What are you doing to get healthy? Let me know. Love, Kathryn (the “Haute Angel”)

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