Stud Your Speedy

Want to upgrade a Louis Vuitton or rock out a copy your got stuck with? That has happened to me before and I just give it away or DIY those counterfeit lemons into lemonade lovelies.


You will need any purse you want to stud (it doesn’t have to be an LV), 13mm brass tree spikes (I recommend two bags of 100), also I like brass (or gold plated) but silver would be really cool too, Loctite 271 Red Heavy Duty Threadlocker, e600 glue, adjustable leather hole punch, and dart awl (ice pick). Base shaper is needed if you are studding the bottom of a Louis Vuitton speedy. Buy the correct size, 25, 30, 35, 40, etc.


Base Shaper for LV Speedy 30-Light Brown

Step One: Take the leather hole punch and make a small hole the size of the studs your purchased (like you’re nipping it just to make a tiny hole so the awl works easier), make a hole in the middle of every LV, clover and in between. Or design your own creation and get wild with it.


Step Two: Poke your holes all the way through with the awl (be careful not to stick yourself).

Step Three: Take the base of the studs and poke them through from the inside of the bag until each pokes out on the outside of the bag. Dab a teeny dot of threadlocker on each base, then twist the studs closed on each. You can do these one by one or row by row. Depending on the purse, you may have to poke your hole a few times on each.


Take the base shaper and apply e6000 in the entire bottom interior of purse. Place base shaper to dry. Put two heavy bottles in the purse and hang it overnight to dry.

The bottom should come out looking like this!


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