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Hi my beautiful followers! I’ve been off the grid for several days migrating my site, plugins and lots of things to my own self-hosted website. I didn’t know how to do a lot of the transition, but with the help of BlueHost peeps, Pinterest has a lot of tips and WordPress does too, I made it through the mire to rebuild my site decently. I am still working on it and it is a work in progress for sure. The BlueHost support people are so nice and I’m excited to finally have my website self-hosted. So many bloggers I’ve studied said they regret not doing this sooner than later. So it was time to take the jump.

It’s been a real learning curve for me. I definitely did not realize how much time and effort it would take to move it. Because a lot of sites say they have “one-click” moving, downloads and so forth. But the whole site as you have it now does not move over in one click. Even the theme you have in doesn’t follow to (hosted by BlueHost). So basically you are rebuilding your site over again, to a certain extent, the same way you did when you began your blog on Be prepared to invest effort unless you pay to have this done. I didn’t want to pay someone to do it, as I’d already paid for 3 years of hosting. But later on, I may pay to have my own theme created and really get my vision perfected.

So how did I move the site and how did I decide who I would pick to host it? I read a lot of blogs about this. Probably 200+ and the majority recommended BlueHost. I also made sure I clicked through the BlueHost affiliate link on one of my favorite blogs. . . fANNEtasticfood, so she will get the credit for me signing up for BlueHost. If I know I’m buying the service, I might as well help a blogger I respect and learn from, get a small commission. Speaking of which, if you are going to take the jump, please consider clicking through my BlueHost Affiliate links. Thanks!

There are a lot more tips to come. Love, HauteAngel

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